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Each muster onboard our ships has the authority to establish his rules and regulations, and may vary from the ones listed below. By joining one of the companies, you are agreeing that you will live by this rules while working for that company, whether ob board or ashore.


  1.  No drunkenness will be tolerated.
  2.  No officer, staff or employee will possess or use illegal drugs or weapons.
  3.  No indecent language will be used.
  4.  No employee will be involved in brawls or fights.
  5.  Only officers and staff are permitted to be in public areas when off duty.
  6.  Employees will not deface, abuse or steal the ship's property.
  7.  Respect must be given to officers at all times.
  8.  Respect and courtesy must be given to guests at all times.
  9.  All shipboard employees must attend boat drills and other required safety drills.
10.  Shipboard employees must report for duty on time.
11.  Shipboard employees must retain the staterooms assigned to them and may
       make changes only with permission from the head of their division.
12.  When on shore or leave, all Shipboard employees must report aboard ship
       a half-hour before sailing and one hour when tendering.
13.  All Shipboard employees must show their crew cards upon boarding the ship.
14.  Shipboard employees must be properly dressed at all time.
15.  Mealtime schedules must be followed.
16.  Shipboard employees will not miss the ship.
17.  Gambling is prohibited for all shipboard employees.
18.  Smoking in bed is absolutely prohibited