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General information about the Interview:

If you meet the employment requirements the Golden Anchor crew will invite you to its office to discuss your employment opportunity and arrange appointments for the pre-selection tests. Selected applicants will receive all relevant information about the cruise companies, the positions they can apply, the expenses ect.


The agency informs all approved applicants about the date, time and place of the interview and helps applicants to present themselves in the best way.

All candidates attending the interview must be dressed in a formal way.

Females need to have their hair tidy or well kept in a pony tail, no big earnings or piercing are allowed.

Males must have short hair, be shaved, wear no earnings, no visible tattoos, dressed in suit and tie, no snickers are allowed.

Here are some helpful hints and guidelines for submitting your best resume.

Be sure your contact information is on your resume. Include your primary phone number as well as any alternate number we can use to reach you. Also, please include your e-mail address, a fax number if you have one, and your mailing address. The country prefix must be mentioned as well;

List your employment history, including the names of the companies, the period of employment and the responsibilities. The promotions and the achievements have to be mentioned;

Include any volunteer work you have done or special skills you have;

List your academic background. Include affiliations and/or awards you have received and any technical training which may apply to your position;

Outline any talents, performing skills or language skills that you possess.

Include a list of three professional references that we may call. This may be put on a separate piece of paper, if necessary,

Resumes sent by fax occasionally become blurry in the transmission if too small. Please keep in mind your resume format and how you will be submitting it.

Last but not least include a cover letter indicating which position you are applying for and why. This is very important. This letter should demonstrate which of your skills will be relevant in the position you seek.

Conditions for application:

All applicants interested in a job onboard a cruise ship should comply with the following conditions:

Competency in English;

Young and enthusiastic people, male and female;

Hold a valid passport;

Have at least 2 years related experience;

Be flexible with work schedules, duties and job locations;

Enjoy working in high-volume, fast paced guest service environment;

Be guest focused, pleasant, polite and courteous.


All the applications for a job position are to be completed during the applicant's interview at the Golden Anchor crew office. All are requested to submit the following documents:

Curriculum Vitae written in English;

Copy of valid passport;

2 photographs 5x5 cm;

Letters of recommendation written in English;

Diploma, translated in English;

Relevant certificates and additional training.

General information about the jobs on cruise ships:

Duration of contract: varies according to the position and the cruise company - usually a contract lasts for 6 - 10 months with the possibility of onboard extension;

Vocation: Upon the completion of the contract every employee is granted with a 6 - 10 weeks vacation;

Work schedule: 10-12 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Payment: According to the position obtained;

The employment on a certain ship is not done preferentially: couples, relatives are not taken into account;

Cabins occupancy: The cabins on cruise ships are for 2-4 persons and may have to share them with people of different nationalities;

Food and accommodation: Food and accommodation are free onboard the cruise ship;

Uniforms: Provided on board the ship ( excluding shoes ) at company prices.

Medical and life insurance. The cruise company provides medical and life insurance during the contract ( excluding dental and optical services )