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Q. Where will my ship be?
A. Your ship could be based anywhere in the world. In winter months, you may be assigned to warm weather destinations – the Caribbean, Mexico or the Panama Canal. During the rest of the year, you may be sent to any of our other destinations worldwide.


Q. Will I be on the same ship for my entire contract?
A. More than likely, you will be on the same ship for your entire contract. Although, it is possible that you may be transferred to another ship if necessary. Also, if your ship changes its run during your contract, you simply stay on your ship to the new destination.

Q. What is my schedule once I’m on my ship?
A. Everyone’s schedule will vary according to position. However, by Norwegian law, you may be scheduled to work up to ten (10) hours a day. Normally, you may have an activity in the morning, one in the afternoon and then one in the evening. Work times will be at various times throughout the day with meals and down-time in between.

Q. How long are the contracts?
A. Contracts for most positions are six (6) months. If you are motivated and enthusiastic, it is possible to renew your contract after your first six months and advance in your career. The company promotes from within and advancement is a realistic goal.

Q. What are the rules and regulations onboard?
A. There are rules and regulations that all employees are expected to follow for the safety and well being of everyone onboard. Use of the public facilities is limited. You are expected to be well groomed and professionally dressed both on and off duty.

Q. What will my cabin be like?
A. Cabins are small and space is limited. You will be sharing your cabin with another person so it is important to be patient, considerate and diplomatic. Luggage that folds down (like duffle bags) or luggage that nests inside other pieces can come in handy as storage space is limited.

Q. Where can I spend off duty time?
A. Most ships have staff or crew dayrooms and staff/crew gymnasiums. Of course, you may relax in your cabin. And if you are in port and not on duty, it is possible to visit the port you are in, if your schedule allows.

Q. Is there e-mail access onboard?
A. It depends on the ship. Some of the newer vessels have e-mail capability. Other ships go to ports where there are internet cafes close to the area where the ship docks.

Q. How long does it take to get a position onboard the cruise ships?
A. The time will vary depending on the position you are seeking. Once your application has been accepted, it can be anywhere from a few days to several months until a position becomes available.

Q. Is there anything else I should know?
A. You must have a passport that is valid for at least one year from the start date of your contract. In most cases, U.S. citizens do not need any separate visas but be sure to confirm this with Shipboard Staffing, based on your itinerary. Citizens of certain other countries will need the proper visas and documentation including, but not limited to, a C1-D visa which must be obtained in your home country at your own expense prior to departure.

Some companies will pay for your transportation to your ship. With other companies, you must pay for your transportation to join your ship. You must pass a pre-employment physical before you can join your ship. Once onboard, you will receive room and board, which means you do not pay for your cabin or your food. You will also have medical coverage while you are on the ship.

Q. What should I do now?
A. Go to the Contact Us page to see how to submit your resume and cover letter.

Q. I've sent/handed in my CV to Golden Anchor. Can you tell me if I have any chance for leaving on a ship ?
A. Only the information in a CV is not enough for evaluating the chances of departure. The evaluation takes place at the pre-selection interview for which you will get appointed by Golden Anchor.

Q. What kind of job should I apply for as to leave earlier?
A. You should apply only for the jobs that you have qualification, skills and experience for. At the pre-selection interview we will provide you consultancy of vocational guidance.

Q. How much does it cost and how much do I need to pay?
A. Embarkation expenses vary from company to company (medical analyses, IMO certificates, travel expenses, cost for visas); they depend on the place of embarkation as well. Some companies pay part of the expenses, others don’t. All selected candidates are informed about the expenses needed.

Q. How much does it take until embarkation?
A. Until the pre-selection interview this question has no use. After the pre-selection interview and that with the company's representative, the hiring company is in charge of the date of embarkation. We cannot anticipate an average waiting period either because it's not up to us.

Q. Can I apply for a certain company/ship?
A. Yes, you can. The decision of hiring someone is taken only by the company.

Q. I've sent my resume. How much does it take until the pre-selection interview?
A. Golden Anchor is setting appointments for the pre-selection interviews depending on the time available and on priorities. Golden Anchor will let you know the date and time of the interview by phone or e-mail.

Q. What kind of documents do I need to prepare?
A. You need a CV and some pictures. Golden Anchor will inform you in time about the next stages.

Q. What is the pre-selection interview?
A. It is a discussion on professional subjects and motivation, eventually some tests for professional skills. The discussion is held in English and in the languages declared in the CV.