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Medicine center

Golden Anchor has diversified in crewing services and provides crews for various types of vessels worldwide.


Each shipboard employee may be required to perform Medical Examination before join to work onboard of ship. Our Marine Medical Center is an actual working medical center and it is one of the few one's in Bulgaria. Our Medical Staff provides medical examination with professional manner in attend all clients. If you need to posses a medical before going to work onboard please don't hesitate to contact our Marine Medical Center!

Marine Medical Center Golden Anchor House 7-9 Bouzludzja Str. 4th floor 9000 Varna, Bulgaria Phone: +359 52 630 541 +359 52 630 542

Education center


The English Language Center at Golden Anchor is one of the best English programs directed to the Cruise Ships Employment

Students prefer our English program because of our inexpensive tuition, safe campus, and excellent teachers. We teach English to students of all levels of ability--from very low proficiency to very high. We try to keep class sizes small so those students receive a better education. Our faculty members are professional instructors with years of experience in the field of teaching English as a Second Language. The Golden Anchor English Language Center is one of only a few English programs which offers knowledge regarding the Requirements of Cruise Ships Employment. With this knowledge we can guarantee successfully passing the Cruise Ship Job’s Interviews.


An English proficiency test will be given to you after you arrive in Golden Anchor English Center to determine your level of English. After your test, you will be placed in one of our three major levels. A certificate of completion is awarded to all students who satisfactorily complete each level.

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