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Procedures of Departure

All approved candidates are put on waiting lists in the data base of the cruise companies and wait for a sign on date. The duration of the waiting period can be between one or six months, depending on business requirements of a cruise company.


When a cruise company has vacancy for a certain position, they send us a letter of employment (LOE).

The notification of the future employee is made by mentioning name, acquired job, date, ship, port and other significant details.

After receiving the Letter of employment from the cruise company, future employee needs to do the following documents:
     1.  International passport valid at least for one year ahead.
     2.  Medical Examination;
     3.  STCW 95 Certificates and Bulgarian Seaman's Passport;
     4.  Visas needed for entering country of destination - C1/D visa for the United States,
          entry visa for Canada and UK;
     5.  Reservation/Obtaining the plane ticket;
     6.  Information and preparing for departure.

Golden Anchor crew helps the future employee with the documentation necessary for embarkation.

Medical Examination

Medical Certificate

Before joining the vessel, you must obtain a Medical Certificate completed by a licensed physician, stating that you are fit and able to perform your duties. The certificate must be presented when signing on; you must take it with you when signing off, and present it when you return.

Include any volunteer work you have done or special skills you have;

Golden Anchor has a licensed Marine Medical Center specialized in working with seafarers. Our Doctors and dentist are approved and appointed by the Employing Companies.

The Marine Medical Center is supplied with high technological equipment, organized for the candidates to do their physical eximination and drug tests and qualified personnel, which are available 7 days for week.

The candidates need to be fit from a medical point of view in order to sign on, taking into consideration the specific medical standards of each company. Failure to pass this examination will automatically disqualify him for employment.

Disqualifying Conditions for Shipboard Duty:

Body System:


A. Infection diseases


1. Active TB or incompletely treated TB
2. Active AIDS
3. Any active communicable diseases

B. Malignant Neoplasms


1. Lymphoma
2. Active Leukemia under treatment not in remission
3. Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia

C. Endocrine / Metablic


1. Deabetes Mellitus requiring insulin - this requires a call to the crew medical department
2.  Diabetes Mellitus poorly regulated with diet or meds
3.  Active thyroid disease
4. Endocrinological pathology (e.g. hypogonadism )

D. Blood Disorders


1. Anemia
2.  ITP
3.  Hemophilia
4. Coagulation disorders
5. Chronic blood diseases (elliptocytises, thalassemia, espherocitosis, ect.)

E. Mental Disorders


1. Any type of psychosis - either active or treated
2. Neurotic disorders (anxiety-epression)
3. Personality disorders
4. Degenerative disorders (senility, dementia, Alzheimers)
5. Substance Abuse (either drugs or alcohol)
6. Any condition requiring use of mood elevators, anti-depressants, sedatives, ect.

F. Diseases of the


1. Epilepsy or other neurological disorders, migraine headaches, history of strokes and loss of consciousness
2. Paralysis of any kind
3. Degenerative ailments (multiple sclerosis, spasticity, neuritis, neuralgia )
4. Diseases of balance organs
5. Paresis of body parts

G. Gardiovascular System


1. Uncontrolled hypertension
2. History of diabetes, colon diseases or neoplasia
3. Any clinically significant abnormality of rate, rhythm, or conduction disorder
4. CVA or TIA
5. Recurrent or persistent deep vein thrombosis or thrombophebitis
6. History of extreme cases of varicose veins which would not be suitable for prolonged standing, walking
7. Chronic leg ulceration secondary to venous stasis
8. Valvular diseases contributing to decreased cardiac function
9. History of caoronary thrombosis/MI
10. All kinds of heart problems

H. Respiratory system


1. Chronic Bronchitis disorder (Asthma) or emphysema with secondary decreases in lung function or pulmonary function testing
2. Uncontrolled asthma or history of frequent flare ups
3. Pneumothorax within past 12 months
4. Sleep apnea
5. Chronic obstructive / restrictive lung diseases
6. Pulmonary lesions



1. Positive hernia that requires treatment (umbilical, inguinal, hiatal, ect.)
2. Enterities / colitis
3. Intestinal Stoma
4. Pancreatitis
5. Cirrhosis of liver
6. Chronic hepatic or pancreatic diseases
7. Esophageal varices
8. Parasitic diseases
9. Dyspepsia with or without ulcer (recurrent)



1. Hematuria - requires further investigation
2. Symptomatic renal colic
3. Nephritis/nephrosis with impaired renal function
4. Venereal diseases
5. Kidney stones history, acute or chronic renal problems

K. Pregnancy


1. Any pregnancy @ 28 wks or greater is disqualified from working on a ship.

L. Skin


1. Severe pustular acne
2. Recurrent eczema
3. Psoriasis resistant to treatment

M. Musculo - Skeletal


1. Advanced osteo - arthritis
2. Rheumatoid arthritis
3. Recurrent incapacitating back pain
4. Spinal disk herniation or back surgery of any kind
5. Flat feet or history of calcaneal spur
6. History of multiple trauma of any kind of accident

STCW 95 Cetificate

All crewmembers have to obtain STCW 95 Certificate according to the requirements of I.M.O. (International Maritime Organization)

Passport / Visa

All crewmembers will need to possess a valid Bulgarian international passport and Seaman' s Book. Also, clear police record is compulsory.

Golden Anchor crew will provide you with all necessary documents to obtain visa to enter the destination country and will help you with the appointment at the Embassy. Visa cost is applicants' responsibility.

Plane ticket / hotel accomodatrion

Golden Anchor crew will make flight arrangement to ensure your arrival at the port of call on time for embarkation. You will be responsible for the costs of one-way flight ticket and returning deposit if required so by the cruise company.

All hotel information will be given to you by Golden Anchor crew prior to departure.

Usually arrangements are for arrival in embarkation for the night before, and hotel accommodation is covered by the local agent of the cruise company. In case you miss the ship some reason, you must contact the local agent as soon as possible and he will take care. Contact details will be given by golden anchor crew before departure.

Information and preparing for departure

Golden Anchor crew provides you services of information, assistance, consultancy for getting to the place of employment in the best conditions:

       -   complete information about the obtained job, detailed description of the work place, on the conditions of each company;

       -   video tape presentation of the cruise company, the fleet, the job specific to the ship, lodging conditions, safety, fire and accident prevention, information about protection of employees against sexual harassment, etc.

       -   description of requirements to be fulfilled and life specifics aboard;

       -   helpful information about the country of destination;

       -   reviewing all documents needed for embarkation;

       -   transport to the airport on the day of departure;

       -   complete information about the Agent at the port of embarkation.